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It is time to get "To The Core" of what is going on in education.  The pandemic has forced us to finally take a long hard look at what is going on in the area of education.  Instead of "finger-pointing" and blaming others, it is time to work together to heal and fix a system that is in need of repair. 

About To The Core LLC

To The Core LLC was started by Angela Benton M. Ed.  She is a speaker, teacher, and entrepreneur who has used life's experiences to gain a wealth of knowledge.  Angela has learned how to encourage people to work together to inspire change.  By leaning on her life's passion of teaching she has learned how to effectively reach a wide range of people.  After writing a self-help book "No Superhero Needed", a book for parents that shows them how to effectively navigate through education, conducting professional developments and speaking at wide range of events, she knew it was time to commit herself to making society hear the needs of teachers, students and parents.  Understanding that all stakeholders must be fully invested in education and the overall success of children, Angela is committed to "healing education".  With a "knack" for listening without judging, she has been able to assist many as they navigate and ultimately heal education.

More About To The Core LLC


To The Core LLC believes that it takes all stake holders to be involved to ensure student success.

Motivational Speeches

To the Core LLC provides motivational speeches for parents, teachers and students.  

Workshops & Personal Sessions

To The Core LLC offers workshops, curriculum development and small group sessions specific to the needs of the stakeholder. Additionally, we assist with parents, teachers and students who want to help each other better understand their role in education

Saving Lives. Building Futures.

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